Sustainable Development

We want to be the first in the world. It’s not just ambition. It’s a commitment. To social sensitivity. To generosity. To mindfulness. To involvement. It’s a commitment to responsibility.

We are deeply convinced that we cannot – and do not want to – conduct our business without the proper focus on what is most important for it, what gives it potential and perspective. Our employees and clients. Our community. Our environment. This is the strength of the Rawlplug brand. That’s why we consistently implement a sustainable development strategy. Because we understand that how strong we are today will directly affect our strength in the future.

Rawlplug’s sustainable development consists of three key pillars: value-driven management, environmental stewardship, and social engagement. They accompany everything we do and, intertwining, create a foundation for our responsibility.

Value-driven management

Managing people, projects, processes, customer relationships, supply chain. At its core are values centered around respect, honesty, integrity, and loyalty, which directly influence efficiency, standards, and discipline of action, creating a platform for new opportunities. This is the common denominator of all our actions aimed at the global expansion of Rawlplug.

  • we ensure the reliability of our products because we want to be trustworthy
  • we care about the proper knowledge of our clients because we want them to be proud of achieving their goals with us
  • we care about the development and engagement of our employees because we care about their loyalty and satisfaction
  • we operate based on an indisputable ethical code because we want our actions to be transparent
  • we guarantee safety and comfort at work because we want our employees to feel confident and comfortable
  • we work based on an integrated management system for quality, environment, and health & safety, ensuring the highest standard of products and services, as well as the satisfaction and trust of our employees and clients
  • we respect social and cultural diversity because we work for the whole world.

Environmental stewardship

  • Concrete actions that are evidence of genuine concern for the environment. Building and maintaining awareness of the importance of the environment in our lives. Creating and promoting best practices that will document respect for our planet. Regardless of the type or stage of our activities, we want our eco-awareness to be as high as possible.
  • our activities are based on an environmental management system because we approach the implementation of all standards and norms responsibly
  • we meet environmental requirements as we respect the applicable laws and regulations in all activities aimed at environmental stewardship, we focus on the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of the solutions implemented
  • we continuously monitor environmental indicators and constantly work on improving actions to minimize potentially negative impacts on the environment
  • we support and actively participate in local and global environmental initiatives because we want to build and maintain awareness of our employees, partners, and neighboring communities in this area.

Social engagement

We work with over 1,500 people worldwide. Each of them has a family, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. Together we build a community that is close to us, that is important to us. That’s why we want to actively participate in its life. We care for the people close to us to feel that they have our support, that they can count on us. We want them to know that Rawlplug is not just a business and a workplace, but also a partner. We want to work on the trust of local communities by building relationships with them through investing in their development, engaging in educational projects, and broadly showing understanding for the challenges they undertake.

  • we support charitable activities for our community because we care about their safety and well-being
  • we finance local cultural and sports events to focus our community’s attention on leisure and taking care of their fitness
  • we encourage our employees and partners to actively participate in charity events because we want to spread awareness of the importance of philanth

Sustainability is the conscious choice of Rawlplug. It’s an investment in the future. A future where the solid foundations of a 100-year tradition provide the space for continuous innovation. We want to have influence. We want to create. We want to support. We want to talk. We want to work together. We want to be fair. We want to be trustworthy.

Sustainability of Rawlplug. Trust and innovation.


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